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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the objective of Theory of Stocks, LLC?

Theory of Stocks, LLC is an educational resource for investors, where we analyze and predict the trend on certain stocks traded in NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX. At Theory of Stocks, LLC, we believe that the most recent price of a stock incorporates all the public and private information of the stock, both from the past and from the near-future, either directly or indirectly. Hence, we closely analyze the actual trading parameters of an underlying stock with the help of home grown mathematical models and internally simulate the actual trading pattern that is otherwise unavailable to the general public. We believe that our analysis yields with clarity the primary force behind the movement of a stock price and allows us to predict the near term value. Our systematic quantitative approach removes the speculative aspects in the financial industry and helps us stay focused on the actual trend.

What “Services” can I expect from Theory of Stocks, LLC?

At this time, subscription is for a single user license with 24 x 7 access to our var extracted1 = US; website ( Currently we offer the following services:

  1. Trend prediction of selected extracted1 securities, 
  2. “Current trend” of a stock and “Our projections”
  3. TheoryofStocks, LLC analyst report. 
  4. Synopsis on recent success, weekly winners & losers (sectors and stocks)
  5. Information on stocks that changed trend recently, 
  6. Current trend of the three major extracted1 Index (Dow Industrial Average, Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500), 
  7. Report on upcoming earning and our current prediction etc

 and 24 x 7 technical support.


We are planning to introduce several interesting features such as reports from renowned analysts, news feeds, individual portfolio, sector analysis reports etc. However, we offer no guarantee regarding.


What does “Current Trend” and “Our Projection” mean?

Based on our analysis, we provide two different projections for a stock namely “Current Trend” and “Our Projection”. 


“Current Trend” represents our perspective of a stock trend without considering its balance and income statements. This can either be a “Buy” or a “Sell”. 


“Our projection” represents our view of the stock taking into account its financials, price movement and the momentum. This can be of three types “Buy”, “Hold”, “Sell”. We believe the later is a conservative approach.

How are past success, past gains and past signals are calculated?

Past success, past gains, past signals etc are theoretical calculations and does not reflect the execution of an actual trade. Our mathematical models are executed against the past data and we simulate the buy and sell signals that would have otherwise been triggered, if the model were to be used at that point of time. On the same token, the information provided in the past success section might change, if we were to enhance our mathematical models for accuracy.

How real are the trades, profit calculation listed under Portfolios?

Most of the trades listed under portfolios and associated "Profit" calculations, whether past or present, are based on hypothetical trades and may not reflect the execution of actual trade. Our mathematical models are executed against the past data and we simulate the buy and sell signals that would have otherwise been triggered, if the model were to be used at that point of time. On the same token, the information provided in the portfolio section may change, if we were to enhance our mathematical models for accuracy.

How different is Theory of Stocks, LLC in its simulation methodologies?

To the best of our knowledge, we don\'t use any pre-fabricated formula to predict the future trend. We analyze the basic trading parameters such as price and volume and model the upcoming trend of an underlying security. We don\'t use any data from the future to predict its past performance. For instance, say our mathematical model were to identify a trend for a stock on Feb 1st 2012 at 10.00 AM EST. To the best of our knowledge, our model would not have used any trading data beyond Feb 1st 2012, 10.00 AM EST to predict this trend. On this note, our research team is confident that our past signals obtained via theoretical simulation be the same regardless of whether the model is executed on that day or in the future. Please contact support for more information regarding.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

At this time, we are offering a free trial until December 31, 2017. Beyond the trial period, we will be offering a limited time introductory paid service that costs .99 per month (for monthly subscription).

How frequently do you update your current predictions?

The website is updated every night after the data is analyzed. The data retrieval and analysis is a time consuming process. Data is gathered all throughout the day and is consolidated after the market close.

Why don’t I see signal for my stocks?

At Theory of Stocks, LLC we analyze a large number of stocks that have been screened through our in-house screening mechanism. In case your preferred stock is not in the list, please contact us with your request. It is likely that we will be able to accommodate your request. However, we offer no guarantee regarding, because our home grown mathematical model requires certain trading parameters as a pre requisite for analysis and hence, not all the stocks are considered.

Is there any archive regarding your past predictions?

All the past predictions of a stock are listed under the respective stock page.

How will I be notified if there is a trend change on a specific security?

All the information pertaining to our services will be updated in our website ( We will add your email services shortly.


Can I get alerts via email?

At this time, we don’t send email alerts. This feature is currently under design.

Do you have a trial period?

At this time, we provide free trial until December 31, 2017.

How to cancel my subscription?

Please send us an email if you would like to cancel your subscription.  All subscriptions are non-refundable; no part of the monthly subscription fee will be refunded if you terminate after the trial period. Please read our “Terms of Use” for more information.

How can I change my profile information after I register?

 After logging into the website, you may change the profile under “User Menu”. If you have any questions, please contact

How can I get support?

At this time, you will be able to receive only email support. Please email us with questions to We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. Please mention your “user-id” in the subject.

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